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6 Decorating Mistakes You Need to Avoid

When you’re decorating, it’s impossible to get everything right – and that’s not the point. You should think of decorating as an ongoing process and tweak your décor to keep updating the feel of your room. Remember that decorating isn’t a perfect science. It’s all about what looks and feels right to you, and what works in your spaces.

However, there are some common decorating mistakes you should be avoiding. We’ve come up with 6 areas that people often get wrong when decorating their homes.

1. Choosing the paint first

One of the most common mistakes that people make while decorating is choosing their wall paint before they choose the colour scheme of the room and any other furniture. It’s best to choose the more expensive items of furniture first. Not only is it cheaper and easier to change the colour of the paint on the walls, but you don’t want to end up unable to choose the sofa or table that you like because it doesn’t fit with a room that you’ve already painted.

2. Getting the size or location of furniture wrong

When you’re choosing your furniture, make sure you measure the room carefully. It’s essential that you know the exact dimensions of the space that you’re decorating before you start shopping for furniture. If you don’t, you may find you buy something that doesn’t fit the space or miss out on buying items because you’re not sure if they’ll fit – it’s always best to be prepared.

Bear in mind that you don’t want to overload your room and make the space look small. However, it’s also important to make sure your rooms don’t appear to be empty. Your furniture should look balanced within the room. One way to do this is to set your furniture away from the walls. By not pushing your furniture against the wall, you’ll create a cosy space that encourages conversation. This is especially important in living rooms.

3. Not having enough lighting

Adding lighting

Another common mistake that people make when decorating rooms is to rely on their ceiling downlighting to provide enough light for the entire room. While downlights can light a room effectively, it’s usually best to add separate lighting. Lamps and other gentle uplighting, as well as ambient lighting, is ideal in spaces such as living rooms or bedrooms, while task lighting and under-counter lights can add functionality to kitchens or other spaces such as studies.

4. Overusing accessories like throw pillows

While throw pillows and other accessories are very on trend, it’s easy to get carried away. These types of accessories can offer a gorgeous finishing touch to a room, but they can also end up making a space feel cluttered and too busy.

It’s best to be sparing with accessories, especially to start with. You can always add to the room as the décor changes, but try to make the accessories feel deliberate.

5. Using the wrong sized rug

If you’re adding a rug to a room, it’s vital to make sure that the rug is the appropriate size for the room. It’s a good idea to mark out the space the rug will take up using painters tape to see how it will affect the other furniture in the room. Rugs that don’t fit in the room will make the space feel out of proportion. A rug that’s too small can make a space feel too open and empty, while a rug that’s too big will often make a room feel cramped.

6. Being scared to make a statement

Remember that decoration is supposed to be expressive. It’s your chance to make a statement about yourself and your home. Think about how you want your guests to feel in certain spaces. Should they be cosy and welcoming, or elegant and stylish?

Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your decoration. While neutral colours are often a good way to begin decorating a room, if you use them too much you can end up with a bland space. Consider taking a risk with a bright or bold colour or pattern on a feature wall. If you find it’s overpowering the room, it’s easy to change just the one wall, and if you get it right, it’ll be a stylish statement that sets the tone for your space.

So now you know some common decorating mistakes to avoid. If you’re looking for some help with your decorating project, simply fill out the form below. We’ll match you with up to 4 experienced and local painters and decorators who can help you create the interior space you’ve always wanted.

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