Artexing or suspended ceilings?

The ceiling is an important part of a room’s decoration and something you should consider carefully depending on your needs. Take a look at our guide to two of the more popular ceiling measures: Suspended ceilings and artexing. The former is more popular for commercial applications whilst the latter is often seen in domestic properties.

Suspended ceilings

A suspended ceiling effectively acts as a second layer and is more common in commercial properties to hide wires and pipes. In most installations the suspended ceiling will hang from the original and tiles or metal grids will slot in.
They can be used for homes as well, acting as a cheap way to transform the look of a room.

The benefits of suspended ceilings

There are a range of benefits associated with suspended ceilings, including the covering up of wires, ducts and pipes. But some of the other excellent advantages include:

  • Less noise pollution

With a suspended ceiling in your home you can cut the noise pollution, which is great if you have noisy neighbours. There are even tiles available specifically designed to aid in soundproofing.

  • Reduce humidity

Suspended ceilings are often seen in hospitals because of the chance to reduce humidity. As such, they’re useful for kitchen and bathroom installations too.

  • Better lighting

Although the suspended ceiling will effectively cut your room’s height, it’s possible to use reflective tiles to make the room out to be bigger than it is. Light is maximised as it’s reflected around the room; a way to cut your energy bills too.

  • Improved insulation

Heat is lost in a number of ways, whether it’s the floor, wall, windows or roof. The extra layer suspended ceilings provide adds to your insulation qualities, helping to reduce energy bills. On top of this your CO2 emissions will be cut too.


Artexing is a decorative feature for ceilings more commonly seen in homes around the UK. With artexing, patterns can be imprinted onto the ceiling, creating a unique aesthetic appeal that’s unmatched by other options.

Of course, your home is likely to be your biggest investment and artexing helps to get the most out of your rooms. And for the ceiling and even walls, there isn’t anything on the market that quite matches this fantastic look.

Benefits of artexing

By having your ceiling professionally artexed by a reputable company:


  • You can create a unique appeal with a fantastic pattern of your choosing. This adds class to your ceilings and is sure to wow guests and visitors
  • There are a range of patterns and depths to choose from depending on your taste. You could opt for a comb design or simple laced feature, converting the look and feel of your home
  • Artexing provides a lasting finishing that can transform your ceiling and cover up any cracks or defects
  • It’ll last for years with no maintenance needed, whilst having a smooth finish
  • Also it’s not the most expensive of procedures so you can artex your walls or ceiling for a great price which can be repainted whenever you decorate the room.

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