Hiring professional decorators

Decorating the home can be a time-consuming hassle. On top of this, it takes a degree of skill and precision to decorate the home to a fantastic standard, so if you don’t feel up to the task then there is another option.

Painters and decorators are skilled experts in their trade and offer a range of useful services, for both the home’s interior and exterior. This could include general painting and decorating, pebble dashing your walls or carrying out minor repairs.

And the cost associated with hiring a professional painter or decorator will vary quite significantly depending on the extent of the work needed. As you’d expect, wallpapering a downstairs bathroom would be completely contrasting in price and workload to painting a whole house.

Of course, by doing this work yourself you’ll save money, but before you get out the old paintbrushes from the shed and find suitable clothes to wear, consider why hiring an expert would be your best bet.

Although it will see you spending more in the short-term, hiring a professional will save you in efficiency, expertise and peace of mind.

Choosing a painter or decorator

There are several ways to go about selecting a painter or decorator for the work you need doing. Of course, a popular method is by getting a recommendation from friends or family. With this, you’ll be able to see the tradesman’s work first-hand, so you’re in no doubt about their capabilities.

A second approach is to look through the Yellow Pages. The downfall with this though is that anyone could list themselves as a painter or decorator, so there’s the risk of choosing a cowboy trader for the work you want. In these events you could be overcharged and the work probably won’t meet the quality you want either.

This leaves one final tactic for finding reputable tradesmen in your area: Comparing quotes with our service. All painters and decorators on our books have been accredited and are part of a trade association to guarantee quality.
By using a painter registered with a trade association you’ll benefit from peace of mind. All members are previously vetted to ensure they use the correct equipment and continue using the right techniques of the trade. On top of this, any disputes you may have can be brought to the trade association.

On top of this, members will carry a Public Liability Insurance. Of course, accidents aren’t frequent, but if there is an incident you won’t be bearing the brunt of the hassle.

At the end of the day there are many honest and trustworthy tradesmen operating in the UK, but it’s just wise to be cautious and make sure you choose a professional you can rely on. Good quality painters and decorators will happily provide references, so make sure to ask.

Tom Crosswell

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