How to Mix Shades of White in any Room

When we’re decorating, it can seem daunting to mix different shades of white in a room. What if it looks too plain? Too bright? Too washed-out? But there are some simple tricks you can try to keep your room looking cosy as well as modern and stylish.

Layer neutrals

If you’re worried about making a room look too sterile by using white, layer up with neutrals. This works perfectly in bedrooms to keep them feeling cosy and welcoming.

In the bedroom below, the use of creams and greys in the soft furnishings stops the white from looking so plain. We can just imagine snuggling down in here for a good night’s sleep.

Don’t panic about the small details

To get the best look with shades of white, you need to consider the whole room. Don’t worry about pairing up small parts – think of the room as a whole and how you can blend everything from the curtains to rugs together.

Add touches of colour to your different shades of white

One way to keep a white room from looking so clinical is to inject small amounts of colour. Black works as a great contrast, or you could try adding natural greens with plants.

Try adding texture with patterned furnishings in neutral colours.

Go for crisp white walls

White walls look stunning, and you can use them to your advantage. Paint the walls in brilliant white and then layer up with neutrals and small amounts of colour for a modern but homely feel.

Think of your walls as a blank canvas – start with beautiful plain walls and build up with colours and textures as you go.

Don’t be afraid to add cream

Some people think cream and white are never meant to be together. But we think it can stop a room from looking washed out, so play around with cushions and furnishings and perhaps even mix white and cream furniture.

Don’t fancy decorating yourself?

If the whole idea of decorating doesn’t excite you, you can hire someone to do the hard work for you. Then you can focus on finding the fun bits – all the accessories!

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Emily Rivers

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