Plasterboard dry lining

Plasterboard dry lining is a material used to cover interior walls in your home, which can then be decorated onto. This is an alternative to plastering the walls, which can often be a much more expensive option.

Before plasterboard dry lining can be applied to your walls which have been covered with wet sand and cement render. The plasterboard dry lining is then stuck onto the interior walls or fixed to timber or steel frames.

Benefits of plasterboard dry lining

There are a number of reasons you may want to apply plasterboard dry lining to your interior walls. The benefits of this will include:

  • A quick and easy installation

Dry lining plasterboard gives you the chance to quickly transform your walls so they’re ready for decoration. This is because, unlike plastering, there is no drying out period needed. The plasterboard dry lining is instead stuck to your walls with plaster and an adhesive, so it’ll stay in place too.

  • Lightweight

Dry lining plasterboard is more lightweight than wet finishes, meaning less moisture will be induced too. With plasterboard dry lining you can change things around much quicker too and start applying decoration.

  • Acts as insulation

One of the hidden benefits of having plasterboard dry lining is that the product acts as insulation. It helps to retain heat in the property, which in turn will lower your energy bills too. With plasterboard dry lining you can meet the demands of Insulation Building Regulations too. It’s possible to have insulating dry lining plasterboard to be fitted too.

  • Noise retention

Just like its insulation qualities, plasterboard dry lining also helps to reduce the amount of noise entering the home. This is different from the wet finish you could opt for. The dry lining will give you better fire and moisture protection too, reducing the chance of condensation build-up. Moisture is one of the more common ways properties can be damaged so give yourself adequate protection.

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