Plastering your home

For interior wall finishing plaster was once a household favourite. It seemed to take a backward step when gypsum boards (drywall) came into fashion, but plastering remains a very good choice for your interior.

There are a number of advantages and some drawbacks to plastering your interior walls, so take a look through our guide and be equipped to make your own decision.

Advantage: Durability

When plaster is correctly mixed and applied to your walls, it’ll form a stronger and more durable finish than possible with dry wall applications. As such your walls will become more resistant to dents and knocks, which is perfect for all rooms in your property.

Advantage: Easy Installation

Drywall can be quite a complicated procedure to carry out. There is a lot of dust when the surfaces are cut and sanded down and achieving a smooth finish can takes days. Plastering your walls on the other hand creates very little dust, won’t need sanding and the time for completion is much less.

Disadvantage: Difficult to Repair

There are some downsides to plastering such as the fact it can be difficult to repair. To repair plaster the damaged area must be cut out without causing damage to the walls at the same time. You will then need to redecorate the room once repairs have taken place to make sure an area doesn’t stand out.

Disadvantage: Cost

Although drywall applications often use more labour, the materials cost less than plastering the room instead. Plastering is also a specialist skill, so although you’ll have a fantastic finish from a reputable tradesman, they’re likely to charge you more for their services. There are cheaper options available though such as veneer plastering as this can be one layer applied over a backing board. Only this is a less durable option, but costs will be similar to drywall.

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