Tips for interior decorating costs

Is your home looking a little tired? Then why not give it a stunning facelift by redecorating the interior of your home and completely transform the appeal. Of course there are a number of choices you’ll need to make when it comes to decorating your property so it’s important to make the right decision.

Colour is essential, and you could decide for something based on what you like and what you feel would suit, or perhaps opt for a methodical approach. One question that needs asking is what mood do you want to set? Colourful and fun? Warm and energising? Cool and calming?

There’ll likely be a different answer for every room in your home, which is why no two rooms are seen as decorated in the same way. Remember, colour will determine the feeling of the room and sometimes it’s best to speak to an expert in the field for top advice.

Take samples of certain paint colours home so you can test what does and doesn’t work. This is important, because it stops you wasting time and money with a colour not suiting to the room. Colours can look completely different when applied to the wall. The natural light will affect how it looks, and also try to match it with furnishings you have purchased already.

Once you’ve picked the colours there are several factors that’ll impact the total cost:

Hiring an interior decorator

Interior decorators can be a God send for many homeowners, looking holistically at your room to match colours with your existing styles and preferences. When helping you with your design, they’ll also be able to consider future buyers and what would or wouldn’t be appealing. An interior decorator can charge with a fixed or hourly rate. Remember to get the cost before your project starts.

The size of the room

Of course, as with anything the size of room will have a massive impact on the final costs. You’ll need more paint for bigger areas and it’ll be more time consuming too. If you hire a professional, the labour costs will be higher too.

Cost of supplies

The amount you spend on paint and supplies will depend on a number of variables. How much paint you need, the quality, the brand and the type of finish are just some of the factors coming into play. Primer paint will cost around the same as normal paint, but some brands are now combining the two into one can. This will cost around the same as buying separately, but will save you on time and labour costs.

It’s not just paint to think about either, and you’ll need brushes, rollers, drop cloths, tape and other supplies. With an expert this will likely be included in the labour costs.

Also remember that transforming a dark coloured room to light would require more than one coat of paint. You should also consider the skirting boards for a truly excellent finish, and these will require sanding and repainting with gloss.

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